Home of one branch of the Carnine Family decended from Andrew Carnine of Harrodsburg, Kentucky, USA

Earlier and derivitive Surnames: Conyn, Conine, Canine

Download "A Record of the Family of Andrew Carnine of Herrodsburg, Kentucky" (PDF)

While the website gets put together, here are some pictures.

This is the Dennis Carnine family 1898.
ROW 4 - TOP: Albert (Bert) G. Carnine, Otterbein (Ott) Carnine,
ROW 3: Ida E. Carnine, Mary Elizabeth (Bessie) Carnine, Dolan D. Carnine,
ROW 2: Ethel Carnine, ( DAD - Dennis Carnine, Jr.) (MOM - Moulda Chambers)
ROW 1: Calvin Isaac (Cal) Carnine, Linda Carlina (Carrie) Carnine, Dennis Gail Carnine.

Do you know these folks? They are all children of Dennis Carnine, grandson of Andrew Carnine. The photo was taken at a Carnine Reunion in Kansas, Illinois about 1947.

                           Ethel     Mary Elizabeth (Bessie)     Lida Carlina (Carrie)

       Albert G           Otterbein (Ott)              Dolan D.               Issac Calvin (Cal)       Dennis Gail

Do you know this building? It is the Old Mud Meeting House near Harrodsburg, KY. Andrew Carnine and his brother, Peter, were trustees when it was a Dutch Reformed Church ca. 1800.


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